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The mission of the nonprofit Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording is to create and maintain a public museum in Austin, Texas  dedicated to the research, acquisition, restoration and preservation of vintage magnetic sound recording devices, their documentation and history,  and to serve as an educational resource for those interested in the sound recording industry.  

Museum projects include creating support for an Austin MultiMedia Museum.  This facility which would incorporate the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording, and will bring together all forms of media including: broadcast, film, music, photography, sound recording, video games and video production.  It is our goal to provide a permanent home for the multitude of Texas media collections that may be donated or loaned, so they may always be available to the public.  

The vintage recording collection is presently owned by Chris & Martin Theophilus and includes 160 reel tape recorders, 100+ microphones and 20,000 items related to to the history of sound recording.  The collection is available for tours by appointment and on line at